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  1. F1nut
    Curt, get his address. I'll be glad to help him.
  2. F1nut
    I don't know Brock, I prefer the Mullard M8162 over the 12AT7 Telefunkens I've tried or any other 12AT7 for that matter, but I haven't tried the ECC801S/6201. Do they have the same Telefunken "house" sound?
  3. heiney9
    Jesse, the problem is all tubes sound different in different gear. I will say that the rectifier tube in my preamp has just as much influence as the other tubes. Personally I have found Mullard Blackburn and Mitchum produced tubes to be a little bloated. But you also have to remember I really like the more solid state aspects of tubes and I feel I get crisper highs and more controlled bass with the Telefunken and Valvo’s. The TFK ECC801S is a very neutral tube and it is dead quiet and the soundstage is as impressive as I’ve heard. TFK ECC81’s are similar so I’d say they have the “house” sound to a degree.

    I wasn’t a big fan of the Amperex BB’s I have either; one pair from Heerlen and one pair from France until recently. I need to start evaluating again since adding MIT power cords to everything and the DAC mod. I recently rolled in a pair of Amperex BB’s from France and they seem to sound better than I remember.

  4. heiney9
    Another favorite is the 1950’s GE 5 Star 3 mica tube. The soundstage is just huge!!
    I can take or leave the Sylvania 3 mica Blackplates and I have another early pair of GE 3 mica Blackplates that sound totally different than the 5 Star tubes. I have a pair of 1959 Mullard Blackburn manufactured with the sq getter and copper grid posts and I just can’t get into them. I still prefer that clean crisp neutral (non-tubey) sound and the Valvo’s from Hamburg and Telefunken just seem to suit my tastes a bit better than the others. I also have settled on two model rectifiers and that took some time as well finding the right combo’s etc. With all the recent changes to my gear, I’ll need to re-evaluate all the tubes I have and see if I feel the same way-lol.

    If you want to borrow a pair of the Valvo 6201’s, I’d more than happy to send you a pair for evaluation.
  5. heiney9
    I guess if I had to sum it up................I like the impressive soundstage of the TFK's and Valvo Hamburg tubes and they still give me enough of the solid state neutrality that I like so much. Highs are crisp but still airy and the midrange is still neutral and bass is strong but not bloated.

    I also prefer the TFK ECC85 for tube hybrid amp I have and I've tried just about everything available except Valvo.
  6. heiney9
    MIT afficinado's what do you think of this.........legit or questionable? The description doesn't fit the photo. ANd only $4.50 shipping from Hong Kong. I don't mind the erroneous description where he describes speaker cables rather than the power cord, but if it's real and I can get it at a decent price I don't mind. Of course trying to google this model all I get are Chinese web sites
  7. Ricardo
    When were you born Brock????????
  8. heiney9
    After you-lol
  9. dkg999
    Looks pretty fishy to me. I don't want to categorize all eBay sellers from that region as problematic, however lots of red flags on that one.

    Looks like Mills 1 ohm resistors are in short supply. Parts Express and other places I checked are estimating mid-June for new shipments.
  10. heiney9
    Have you tried Parts Connexion?
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