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  1. Ricardo
    Think outside the box. Buy Duelund resistors.
  2. heiney9
    Buy Duelund resistors.

    Might as well, they are about 9 times the price of Mills and I'm sure they are worth it. You've already spent a wad, what's a few more dollars :D:p
  3. dkg999
    Parts Connexion is out also. Do you suppose it would start some kind of electron revolt if I mixed Duelund resistors in the 1 ohm spot with Mills in the other spots?

    And yes, I only want to do this x-over rebuild once, so I'm putting in the best that's reasonably within my tolerance to spend. The ELT-525's aren't bad, in fact as mini-monitors go I would probably think they were really good if I didn't have the EPOS and Totem Dreamcatchers to compare to. They just sound constricted and need to have a little more forward open sound. Hopefully this gets them there.
  4. Ricardo
    I wouldn't mix them. Not because anything might go wrong, but because you probably would be wasting the money in the Duelends by having those lesser resistors in the path.
  5. heiney9
    How many do you need? (2) x $19.80 or (4) x $19.80 is a bit ridiculous for the monitors they are going in. Did you try Michael Percy Audio?

    My other question is what DAC do you plan on using? If you aren't going to use a quality DAC the $$$ spent on the Clarity ESA's is lost IMO. Just my .02c even though you didn't really ask.........:p:D:p
  6. Ricardo
    Oh...I have obviously not read the last few pages. I thought this xover upgrade was for the Maggies. Scratch the Duelends ;)
  7. ALL212
    Madisound carries Mundorf - they're a little long but on that crossover I can get them in - seems like there is plenty of room to work.
  8. dkg999
    I think I found a couple of the Mills 1 ohm resistors. And since when did this group start going with a restrained and reasonable approach to upgrades

    If you read the Ninja forums lots of ELT-525 fanboys are preaching the benefits of putting the $385 upgrade in these monitors. Now that would be excessive :p

    I'll be at around $145 plus pizza for A2.
  9. heiney9
    Hey, just trying to be the voice of reason when it comes to upgrading inexpensive mini-monitors for computer use. :p. I'm sure if I used the best crossover parts in the 5B's I'd be singing their praises too! But for what I use them for they will not be having anymore more put into them ;).

    I suppose when all is said and done I put about $150 in the 5B's if you include the RD0 tweeters, so I guess I have no room to talk :) And I put about $160 into the Adcom dac modification. So..............yeah............I have no room to talk.
  10. Ricardo
    Page 1,000????
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