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Canadian Speaker Manufacturers???

    I wonder which Canadian speaker manufacturers that are;

    1. Still alive and...
    2. Actually produce their own parts (meaning truly Canadian) and...
    3. Which brands would be compatible with Polk when considering SQ along with pricing.
    4. Which one are readily available in Canadian B&M stores.

    A to E
    Angstrom Loudspeakers
    Athena Technologies I know Athena was bought by Energy but correct me if I am wrong; it seems Energy was acquired by Klipsh and therefore both Athena & Energy would now disqualified as Canadian manufacturers, am I correct? Athena also seems to be a dying brand since Energy acquired them, wasn't it the main purpose for the purchase???
    Aurum Acoustics
    Coincident Speaker Technology
    Creative Sound Solutions
    Dahlquist ????
    Energy Speaker Systems (as per Athena dilemma above)???
    Ethera Loudspeaker Systems
    F to L
    Fluance Online manufacturer/seller which seems to struggle in delevering their product. I wonder if it is because sale are too heavy for their manufacturing? However, not sure if they still qualify as Canadian manufacturers, rumor is that they were bought maybe a year or so ago???
    Fidelity Accoustics Seems to be way out of my price range LOL
    Focus Audio
    funky Waves Audio Anyone heard of them? Seem to be custom made???
    Gemme Audio
    Gershman Acoustics
    Hansen Audio
    Hemp Acoustics
    LaHave Audio
    Lightning Sound


    M to R
    Mirage Loudspeakers
    Morrison Audio
    Nuance I think the owner died not so long ago and I think the brand is also dying. Not too surprised as they seemed to used some similar tactics as white van speakers :(
    New Form Research
    Paradigm Is it thrue that Paradigm still manufacture ALL in Canada??? Little hard to beleive, isn't it???
    Pro-Linear Electronics
    PSB Speakers
    Raw Accoustics
    RL Acoustique
    Rogue Wave Audio Isn't it geared toward custom???
    Quest Made in China???
    Reference 3A Loudspeakers
    Revelation Audio


    S to Z
    Sinclair Audio That brand seems to be readily available in Québec, particularly at Brault & Martineau...
    Sound Fusion
    Space-Tech Lab
    Totem Acoustic
    Unity Audio
    Verity Audio

    Keep brain storming on what is available as Canadian manufacturer. Anything that is not on the list, anything that is on the list that you have experience with or anything that is not or no longer Canadian.

    Worldwide Distribution
    Klipsch Group, Inc. oversees business operations for the Energy®, Mirage®, Klipsch® and Jamo® speaker brands and distribution companies worldwide. This technology powerhouse is focused on leveraging its highly acclaimed product lines to offer a unique and powerful single supply source for its retailers, distributors and contractors globally.

    Indeed Klipsh has taken over a couple of our Canadian manufacturers :(
    Humm, I missed a job opportunity with Jam Industries in 2004. I was selected for a job interview which I couldn't go since I was booked on a shift with the present company I work for. Didn't realize Precision was under their umbrella.... I think I may have missed on a good job :(
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