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  1. Ginn
    Hey question for Polk enthusiasts......
    I started with the RTI8's a few years back, great high's no bass
    A few months ago I was able to pick up a set of RTI10's off of Future shop for $250 a pair. I sold those to my bro in law and upgraded to the RTIa9's ($750 pr FS) before I opened the 10's.
    Just for giggles the bro in law and myself set up both the 10's and a9's side by side. The 10's had about a months worth of use and the 9's didn't have much use at all. We found that the 9's were over all a better speaker but when it came to the high's like cymbals and higher voices the 10's had better sound which confused me because the 10's have 1 x 6-1/2 and the 9's have 2 x 5-1/4. Just wondering if anyone had a similar experience. Also when you put your ear up to the a9's the 2 x 5-1/4's produce different sounds.
    The top 5-1/4 have more highs than the bottom 5-1/4. I thought the speakers would produce the same sound.
    I would like to hear what feedback you have on that.
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