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New to Polk forum.

  1. polkyson
    Hey all!! I am new to the Polk forum and this looks like the place for me! I have been a RTi owner/user for about 6 years now.

    RTi70 x2
    CSi40 x1
    RTi38 x6... Two pair for surrounds and another for stereo in bedroom.
    PSW404 x1...Two more JBL subs for a three sub layout. Two in front and one center back.

    I have been thinking about selling my current setup in order to build a system with the RTi A line but giving up my RTi70 mains would be hard! Paired with a adequate sub they are fantastic in my theater room! The wife likes the looks of the RTi A line better but I keep telling her its not all about looks :)

    Well. Its good to finally be apart of the Polk forum! Feel free to chat me up!
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