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  1. nadams
    Came out to my bike this morning to ride it to work... thought it smelled a bit strongly of raw fuel. Poked around and the petcock is leaking at the tank seal :(. Parts aren't overly easy to get for the '83... looks like I"ll be bikeless for at least a week.
  2. bobman1235
    If you're doing it yourself, check out this website for parts. I had an '81 Yamaha and I found a BUNCH of esoteric parts for it through them.

    Or, you know, if it's just a seal, you can usually make something work :) Can't tell you how much Mickey Mousing I've done over the years to get **** to work.
  3. steveinaz
    Bev's decided to sell her Honda Rebel 250 and get her a quad. She's pretty excited.
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