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RTi Owners Club

  1. kennypc
    I own a H/K avr 430 I have a pair of paradigm titan monitors as fronts rti4,s as rear cs1 as center, can anyone tell me if this is a good matched set? also have the same in my den only diffrence polk monitor 30,s as rear
  2. eldenf
    I just got a pair of RTi A9s. Oh my goodness these are wonderful speakers! Never owned Polk Audio speakers before but bought these sight unseen based on reviews and their great reputation. I am not disappointed!
  3. comfortablycurt
    This group doesn't get much use does it?

    I'm an RTi owner as of a month or so ago...

    RTi8's up front with RTi6's in back. A CSi5 center channel will be coming along shortly. I'm using an Infinity BU2 100 watt 12" sub.

    An Onkyo TX-SR606 is my AVR, with a Cambridge Audio DVD89 universal player as the source.

    These speakers are excellent for HT. They're alright for music, but they can't touch my Monitor 7A's for 2 channel listening.
  4. gurot1
    How do you like the rti6's for surrounds? I currently have rti10's and csi5 in the front. My surrounds (5.1) are an old pair of r15 bookshelves which I am looking to replace.
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