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Vintage Marantz receivers -- common ground or not?

  1. cabanaboy49
    I'm looking for a vintage receiver to power my Polk SDA-SRS 2.3's. Like all the SDA speakers they require the receiver or amplifier to be common ground. I've been watching a few Marantz receivers (2238, 2238B, 2285, 2285b etc) and am just concerned whether these vintage Marantz speakers are common ground or not.

    Does anyone know? Please help if you do.
  2. Moose68Bash
    I don't know about the Marantz receivers, but I have used Perreaux preamps & amps since 1989, when I purchased my first pair (of two pairs) of SDA speakers. For many years I used Perreaux's SA33 and PMF2350 preamp/amp with a pair of SDA 1Cs, that I now use with a Perreaux SM6P preamp and PMF3150 amp. My current main system is a pair of SDA SRS 1.2s driven by a Perreaux SM6P MKII preamp and a pair of Perreaux Prisma 750 monoblocks that are bridge ground. I built a Dreadnought (per Darqueknight's design) amplifier interface to deal with the grounding problem. As far as I know, all Perreaux amps are common ground, except the monoblocks. The "vintage" Perreaux preamps and amps are often on sale on Audiogaon and eBay. The vintage preamps, by the way, have good phonostages. You might want to look at vintage Perreaux electronics.
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