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  1. gudnoyez
    I should have replied here. I now own 2 pair of CRS+s and look forward to get a new amp and preamp, to power these. I'am glad I got them.
  2. boston1450
    hello to all. im new here. i look forward in leaning more. bare with me. i have never done internet thing before. i have been into stereos for 35 years. 3 to high end i think. im not good with equipement but want to learn. so i thought this was a start..i just got into polk as of march. i am hooked now. i have a almost mint pair of sda2 and a nice pair of rta15tl that have a couple of carpet dings that will be fixed. hopefully within a year as i am now broke buying these i look forward to going to try to learn this site. im not a p.c. person..i am glad i went with polk..i just listened to KANSAS and back later
  3. dts MA 7.1
    I own a pair of SDA 1A's
  4. y_w8
    Hello to all. I have an original pair of SDA SRS's that I purchased new in 1985.
  5. Blacksoldier
    I have a pair of SDA 2's that I have recapped and made some interconnect cables for. Love the sound.
  6. Middlebush
    SDA 2's here had since 1985
  7. boston1450
    I own a pair of SDA2b's & SDA1c's & i enjoy them very much & think they will go for years to come
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