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Which Monitor series do you own?

  1. transmaster
    Purchased new in 1989 Monitor 10B's
  2. godoy692002
    3 pairs of Monitor 70' and I just got an Onkyo TX-NR609 have not hook up everything yet, but will soon! Just want someone's opinion on if I got the right receiver? The TX-NR609 my fianc? got for my B-Day, but I was looking at TX-NR809 or TX-NR709 SO my question is am I off to a good start and what center do I need CS1 or CS2 thanks for any help or guidance in my crazy venture.
  3. Mr. Sharpe
    100 watts is a start. the 809 would probably better for these since it's 35 more watts for a 4 woofer speaker. how big is the room?
  4. Blacksoldier
    I own a pair of Monitor 5's and in the process of restoring a set of Monitor 10B's.
  5. rfrenzke60
    Monitor 40II
  6. GalaxyVortex
    I have a pair of Monitor 4's.
  7. 1ShotBill
    We own a pair of Monitor 11 (AKA: Model 11 or R.T.A. 11) speakers, Monitor 7C (1984) with Peerless tweeters in place of the original SL1000 tweets, Monitor 7C (1987) with replacement RD0194-1 tweeters, Monitor 5A with SL1000 silver-faced tweeters in place of the original Peerless, Monitor 4.5. We also own a beautiful set of R.T.A. 12B speakers, which I love
  8. JRivera
    I own a pair of Monitor 50's and a pair of Monitor S10!
  9. Stevor
    Monitor 10's with stands bought new and still used daily! Love em! Just got a sub and now I love em more!
  10. Aural Euphoria
    I have Monitor 10 B's with the SL 2000 tweeter. I like them a lot in some ways, but it is getting really frustrated trying to build a home theater around them. (RDO-194's are coming in the mail.)
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