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  1. ALL212
    I've got one Signal Cable 3' Magic Power cable for sale - anyone want a shot at it here before I put it in the FS on the main?

    Hmmm...looks like the digital reference one.
  2. SCompRacer
    Thanks for the offer. I'm OK with power cables.
  3. agfrost
    Thanks Aaron--Already have that same cord!
  4. daboyz
    Believe it or not I STILL have the Maggie's. Loving them to death. The greatest thing I'm finding with these is I'm pulling out everything. There's tunes I haven't listened to in many moons. Pretty cool remembering why I got the cd's in the first place. I used to just listen to a few discs because I found myself trying to justify why I had so much coin into something. I had to analyze. Now I'm just enjoying. Spending some quality time with Jewel right now. Love that voice!

    These new Whyteleaf tubes are gorgeous.
  5. heiney9
    Great Dave! That's how it should be. I bet those British tubes have great synergy with the Maggies. I'll get my ears on them soon.
  6. dkg999
    Dave - great that you are still enjoying them! Frank at Signal Cable got my new cables shipped out to me, so when I get some time I'll be able to get my Maggies set up again. As it stands now I'll be back in IL most of the week of 10/14. The direct marketing industries major trade show is at McCormick Lakeside on Mon/Tue. Hopefully I can catch up with a few people that week. A2 - found the remote for the tuna! Rich - I have a meeting with one of our partner companies in Plainfield that week, hope to be able to catch up with you that week.
  7. SCompRacer
    Hi Doug! Kewl! Do you know what day in Plainfield? We got a new manager and I have to give advance notice for time guy off on Monday the 7th so the 8th to 11th are open that I can put in for.

    Dave, yes, easy to believe! Nice speakers!
  8. ALL212
    Once flat - never back!! Cool on the remote Doug!!

    Rich - what sillyscope do you have? Do you like it or would you go better? I'm in the market...
  9. blakeh
    Aaron- could you PM a valid email address that I can get reach you at? Have a few questions about the rack project we talked about at you house. Thanks!
  10. ALL212
    STRANGER DANGER ALERT - who is this blakeh that dares post here??!!
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