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  1. dudeinaroom
    Just curious as to where everyone is from. I was born in Lansing lived in Au Gres for a couple of years (78-80). Moved to Hazel Park at the age of 5 and was there until 14(80-90). From 90-08 I was back in Au Gres. In 08 we moved to Standish and was there until 11. We have been in Sterling (not Sterling Heights) as of 2011. I have family in Hazel Park, Richmond, Lansing and Warren, and my best friend lives in Warren. My wife has Family in Novi, Lovonia and surrounding areas. So that's the dudes story, what's yours?
  2. EricFromMich
    Born in Saginaw lived their 81 till 02 and moved down to the Novi area. Were I've been to date.
  3. mr_natural78
    I'm in NW Indiana, not far from Michigan at all. We head up to Michigan often on jeep trips or trips on the harley.
  4. McIntosh/Polk
    Born in Wyandotte. Raised in Allen Park. Moved to Mississippi in 1980. Moved back to Allen Park in 1982.
  5. McIntosh/Polk
    Oop's! Meant to say I moved back in 1992.
  6. dudeinaroom
    it's all good.
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