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Rockford Audio Society

  1. SCompRacer
    I need some of those. The fridge defrost heater might not be working.
  2. EndersShadow
    Rich, dont know if its bad form or not to ask... but how are things going with Dana? Any word you want to share?
  3. SCompRacer
    Dan, no, it's OK. She meets with the surgeon that removed part of her breast 10 years ago in early Dec. That gal will say what and when a needle biopsy happens.

    How you doing today? Better I hope.
  4. daboyz
    Dan - Life is as life is in our little world. No secrets back hete and each is family. Don't worry about asking, most of the time it's welcome.

    I'm in Vegas right now. What a zoo this place is. I think Manhattan is worse. it seems the chaos here is better maintained. We're going to see the dam tomorrow then bsck to reality on Thursday.
  5. EndersShadow
    Well Rich I got my CT back and it surprised us all. I have a infection in my lung. It's either pneumonia or some sort of fungal. I am on antibiotics. In addition again I have a partial bowel obstruction. So have to keep watching the food. On 65 south as we speak heading toward Louisville
  6. ALL212

    And found this link - has a listing of links for all kinds of parts:
  7. dkg999
    Youse guys would be proud of me! I bought a really nice Vizio BDP at Goodwill for $3.99. I plugged it in at the store and nada, no lights, no flashes, no nuthin. So figuring it might be as simple as an internal fuse that needs replacing I donated the $3.99 to Goodwill and took it home. Opened it up and thar she blows, a fuse all grey matter inside the tube. So I jumped around the fuse with a short alligator clip cable, plugged it in, and blew the transformer clean off the circuit board with lots of pretty audiophile flames and smoke. It was the most fun I've had for $3.99!
  8. ALL212
    Now that's some funny **** right there! I don't suppose you recorded that??!!
  9. daboyz
    How come I never get that lucky? :)
  10. SCompRacer
    LOL Doug! What did Sierra learn from dads experiment? lol

    Dear wife has shingles....don't nobody come over that ain't had the

    Nice work Aaron! I seen that stuff close up! I touched it! I wished he hadn't charged the caps first....
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