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Poor College Students

  1. JDOGG
    System consists of a 46" Panasonic VIERA 1080p plasma tv(46pz885u), an Onkyo 805, a pair of Klipsch RF-7's, and a pair of Klipsch RF-25's, along with a Sony Playstation 3 and an Xbox 360 with an HD DVD player. I live at home and am attending college for IT and Data Telecommunications.
  2. ajsankot
    I have got into the vintage stuff lately seems to be cheaper than the new stuff. Do you guys know of some cool places to get stuff on the cheap?
  3. polkanddie
    I just got some Eosone RSF-600 towers, and scored a onkyo TX-SR601 on craigslist for 50 bucks. Anyone else find anything like that??
  4. polkanddie
    Craigslist is definitely the way to go, for sure.
  5. ajsankot
    I have been getting lots of free stuff just from knowing the guys that are way into audio
  6. polkanddie
    I wish i could do that, I have an update on my system, this coming wednesday I am going to pick up my very own cs1000p.... im trading my cs400 for it and a small polk sub that I hardly use, do you think this is a good deal?? I was pretty thrilled, but now I have to look for some rt towers to go with it....
  7. Mr. Sharpe
    I live in a fairly secluded house which is good when it comes to loud Subwoofer sound and music. I will be starting college in the fall. for my Home Theater I have a Sony STR DE597 Receiver and a Pioneer DV-578A super Audio cd/DVD player. I'm using some Towers I built for the mains, Polk Audio Monitor 30's for surrounds, Sony SS-CN30 center channel and my subwoofer I built has an 8" Sony subwoofer that came out of a shelf system I got for $4 vented to a 12" passive Radiator and it's own separate vent, this is powered by a Dayton 240 Watt amplifier.

    I use a pair of Yamaha NS-A 635A bookshelf speakers and Cerwin Vega U-103 Floor speakers for my stereo setup. these are powered by a RCA STA-3900 receiver and Pioneer DV-270 Cd/DVD player.

    I can definitely post pictures of the towers I built if anybody wants to see them... or any other speaker for that matter.
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