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    Hi Geoff! I gather from an old post of yours that you have the FXiA6? I'm in the market to get a few pairs sometime soon, but in the meantime I'm having a friend of mine create some custom metal stands for them. I'm wanting to have the tops of the stands be exact outlines of the speaker's base, and this is where I'm hoping for your help. Would you be able to trace an outline of the base of the speaker and send a picture to me? Any measurements of length you could take would be appreciated as well (if not I can probably use the listed width from the website and figure out the rest of the angles and lengths myself). Let me know if you can help and I'll shoot you my email address, unless pictures can be posted through this. Thanks!
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    Got your message bro! Can't reply cause your inbox is full haha!
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    Geoff, did you ever run your a9's off just your receiver before adding the Emo's? I've had my a9's for a few
    weeks now and love them and now just ordered an Emo xpa-3. I'm hoping to get even more out of them with the emo, wondered if you had a before and after comparison opinion. Thanks
  4. Nicely done! I've read your post and see you're well on your way. I got my second Empire yesterday, I get my second set of A9's this friday. My 7.2 is about to unveil.

    Almost done, one more emo 5ch amp, either a pre or the Onk 3009 or 5009, and the Oppo 93. Once I have the pre or AVR, I'll add my heights and be done done lol
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    I got black. Wish i woulda got cherry. Was spur of the moment though. Ended up getting rtia9,2csia6's,two paairs of fxia6 and a pair of rtia3. I will get them tomorrow. Do a side buy side on my 9.1 lsi setup and sell what i dont want. I think ill be selling the lsifx 2 pair and lsic.might keep the lsi15 just bc there not worth takinga beating on shipping. But i am in central cal so local pick up maybe possible. Also my lsi are mint some of it only week old lol. Rest 1 month or two so it should sell fine.i have my lsi system in the showcase area now. Nothing special but im proud lol
  6. Congratulations! I had my set up on CL asking a price with about 250 off retail for 5 speakers, no one jumped on it so I'm just going to keep it and expand. I have Cherry. You're going to love the A9's.
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    sry i couldnt wait. i just ordered rtia9, 2 csia6 two pairs of fxia6 and pair of rtia3. i never could ge into the lsi's. to laid back for my listening area. my entire lsi line will go up for sale
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    Hey man. You selling your speakers. Im thinking about switching to rtia line. Im not really liking the lsi line up.of course i got 9.1 system all brandnew and i dont like them lol. My lsi7 and lsifxs are only few days old and i got pair onlsifx new in box. Give me a price list of your speakers. Are they ebony?
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    I tried your setup out. Sounds nice at 40 hz! Tightens things up a bit takes a little load off the subs. Ill probably still go 80hz during loud movies just keep those lows level hz from damaging anything. But definitely a great great setting for the epik and polks!
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    Good day there mister, did you get a rather lengthy message from me in regards to your message about the Onkyo txnr 805. I could only send half of it and am about to sent part two but I cannot find that I sent part one. Did you get anything from me in the past week? Thanks, Michael
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