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About Zentish

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About Zentish
Purchased my first system as a teen, technics reciever, BIC turntable, some junky speakers.

Once I got a real job I splurged for a pair of POLK monitor 5B's and an ONKYO A-8089 amp.

That was 1985 and I'm still using those POLK M5B's to anchor my system and the a-8089 drives my vintage un-powered Speakerlab DAS-SW subwoofer.

After being married about a year and finally buying our fist house, I'd noticed that my system's "dolby pro-logic" circuit had failed, my subwoofer driver had a lose wire, and my system just wasn't doing very well. Home audio hadn't been a priority since we were saving for the house and focused on building our finances. One day my wife says to me "I'm tired of hearing you complain about the stereo, just fix it and shut the hell up." So I replaced the receiver, subwoofer driver, and bought a center speaker, threw "Batman: the movie" into my "hi-def VHS" and cranked it up. My wife sits and listens and watches and finally says matter-of-factly: "Wow, that sounds really nice, our television is much too small." We're still together 21 years later!
Seattle, WA
Home Theater, Poker, Paintball
IT networking and systems architecture


Receiver: ONKYO TX-SR806 7.1 surround 130 W/Ch THX Ultra2 Plus
Mains: 2x Polk RTA 8TL's
Surrounds: 2x Klipsch RS-41ii (because they fit perfectly over the door and window)
Subwoofer: Speakerlab DAS-SW dual-voice-coil 10" '88 30Hz-150Hz
Subwoofer Amp: ONKYO A-8019 AMP '85 100wpc
Center: Polk CS245i
Display: Samsung 55" UNC55-8000 3D LED
Console: Xbox360
DVR: custom MythTV rig w/ 3 tuners OTA
Zone2: 2x Polk M4a '90


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