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    I have an item for sale in the Flea Market. It is prefixed as "Sold" and needs to changed to "For Sale" as a sale has fallen through. Thanks!

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    I am utterly at a loss as to why I was banned. I was never given a warning nor was I aware that I had ever broken any of the CP rules. I think the last thing I did here was report a spam posting in the Vintage Speakers section to Patrick. If that was the wrong thing to do then perhaps you could mention that to me prior to or at least in conjunction with banning me.

    I hope this was some sort of mistake because I very much do not appreciate the way I am being treated right now.

    Thank you for your response,

    Ashley Hayes, Formerly Rev. Hayes
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    I will definitely give it a try.
    Thanks again for your help.

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    Hi Ken,

    I bought a pair of replacement MW6502 drivers recently for some old 5Jr's but one of them had a bent basket so I need to contact CS. I noticed these use a stamped frame rather than a cast one like the old 6502's. They also appear to have fine foam rubber surrounds rather than solid butyl rubber.

    Are all the original MW6502's gone? I'd like these speakers to last another 25+ years but foam tends to deteriorate after a while. I was thinking about purchasing 4 mw6503's to replace the four drivers in my monitor 10's as well but I'm wondering if they are cast or stamped and whether or not they have the butyl surrounds as opposed to foam.

    Thanks much!

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    Hi Ken,
    I have a long run of Polk Cobra cables, if I cut a 3ft pair, can I use them as interconnect cables? I"m worried about the capacitive nature of the cable. It would be going between the tube output on my cd player and my tube integrated amp.

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    I recently purchased a set of RT1000P's used. One of the speakers seems to have the subwoofer volume stuck wide open. Also the tweeter was shot, so I substituted one from my pair of RT800i's which I thought had the exact same model number tweeter. The volume from that tweeter is extremely low. Any ideas on what the problem might be?
    Also I ordered a pair of new tweeters for these towers since the one was shot. The model number was SL6507 and the speakers had model number SL6506 in them. Will this new model work as an adequate replacement?
    Thanks for your time!
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    Hi Ken. I just had to re-register with a new username because the password reset function would not work for me (I tried several times). My former name here at the forum was STLBlues, without the "1" at the end. I have a very important question for you and I would really appreciate a PM or e-mail at your convenience. Thanks a lot Ken.


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    Mr. Swauger, is there a way to change the title of my post? I have "trying to avoid buyers remorse, which is to vague. Is there a way to either delete the post, or change the title so it will say " Help needed with turntable USB connection issue" . Thanks..kprhok
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    How u doin??
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    It wasn't that I didn't like it, per se, I just don't see how the continual promotion of such outrageously priced speaker cable, particularly from MIT, on the Forum is congruent with Polk Audio speakers. If those MIT cables aren't a scam, I don't know what is.

    Nothing is a scam and nothing is outrageous if an 8ft speaker cable costing thousands of dollars is legitimate. I don't think that it helps Polk Audio to legitimize that sort of product which is clearly a rip off.

    What is the Polk Audio official position on those esoteric cables costing several hundreds and many thousands of dollars?
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