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  1. Part 3,
    The 1000 character limit is stupid.
    Finally if there are any words that are weird I wrote this on an iPhone and I cuse the spell check also I wrote half waiting in the car and this half after dinner do if my thoughts jump I apologize.
    Please contact me with any questions or requests, again I would love to do said xo mods for you! Thank you for your consideration.
  2. Part 2,
    I only did the full rebuild to experience the process and the sound, I feel it is defeniatly worth it but I understand a budget too.
    Let me ask you this, are you going to do the upgrade your self? If not I would love the opportunity to do it for you! Even a full rebuild, I would lay out the parts differently, I laid mine out in a simple manner so I could understand the circuit. If I did it again I would stack parts like trey and the ninja do. Saving tons of space.
    If you want me to do a full rebuild I have lots of peg board left over and would never charge for it. The piece you get from lowes is huge.
    One last piece of advice for you if your going full rebuild by the bobbin wound inductors for your tweeter zorbel circuit, it's 2.50 from Madisound, the nightmare of getting the stock tweeter inductor out is worth the 2$. If I did it all over I would just have replaced them.
  3. Hey David,
    Thanks for reading my post. In short words, yes it is worth it.
    Also yes 350 is the total cost, that includes my wire screw up, hardware, a 4x4 chunk of peg board.
    You could get away with cheaper yes. Only on the caps though, I bought standard air core inductors And no matter what they are pricey.
    You can save by going with solen or Dayton caps the difference between electrolytic caps and poly caps is big, so cheap caps will show a great improvement. In fact I almost put in the erse caps as they are super cheap but I heard at times the tolerance between caps is big and matching them can be hard so I held off. I chose clarity caps due to great price and a great review on the humble homemade hifi website. I used the px line and if you use that line with the mundorf resisters and keep your inductors stock the mod will be super cheap.
    Things you really don't need to do are: change internal wire, rebuild entire xo.
    Continued in part 2
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    I read your upgrade on the polk monitors. I have the same speakers and am interested in the xover upgrade. It was $350 total in parts? Do you think it was worth it or do you think using some cheaper parts will be close to the quality of your setup. thx for any input. I read as much as i kind find online and appreciate you posting on your upgrade.

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AVR: Sony 5600ES
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Surrounds: Monitor 40 II (Clarity Caps PX, Perfect Lay coil, Mundorf resistors)
Rear Surrounds: Monitor 40 II (Clarity Caps PX, Perfect Lay coil, Mundorf resistors)

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