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  1. Audison are probably the best amps on the market. They are built like tanks. Ive never been impressed with anything from Hertz really so Id go with the Audison unless you can get a smokin' deal on the Hertz.
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    Hey Mac, hows it going...I have been going back and forth with the Polk distributor here and the end result is useless!!! Im giving up on the PA1200 for sure..he has offered me the Audison LRx 1.1k or the Hertz HP 1D as a replacement. Im leaning towards the Audison, cus I was told it is the better brand of the two, but they are both by Ellettromedia, so i'm not sure which way to go the specs are more or less the same. Im still going to drive the 12 inch SR DVC sub. I would really appreciate any advice uve got. I am sick of listening to just mids and highs in my car for the past year, even thoug i love the SR6500's!!! Thanks Mac
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    Hey I was interested in buying two of the Polk SR104DVC come summer, was doing my research now, but im from Chattanooga and i notice you are from Ringgold, so i was wondering if one day you might mind letting me hear your setup since you have the SR124 i figure sound should be similar. If you would like to you can email me at, and so you know im no crazy person if you would like oyu can look up my facebook, My full name is Jonathon Brackett
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    Hello MacLeod,
    My name is Tony and I am from Indonesia. I admire your effort for sharing your knowledge and expertise to all car audio fans. Also your performance in many SQ competitions is really impressive.

    Polk Audio catch my attention especially the SR series. I would appreciate if you can post your previous competition car pictures so we can roughly follow your installation process such as mid in kick panel, tweeter in an A-pillar, subwoofer placement...etc with description how and why you install it that particular way to achieve maximum SQ.

    Also, It will be very interesting if you spare your time to post a new thread such as "The Quest of SQ Champion" or "Greatest SQ tips I have ever had"...etc.

    Once again, thank you very much for everything and I wish you will be the world champion this year!!!

  5. The amp could be defective. Everybody makes a lemon now and then. If this doesnt fix it, get in touch with Polk customer service and Im sure theyll hook you up thru warranty assuming you didnt buy it off some hack shop on Ebay. ;)
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    Thanks, Ill try those settings out right away...but do u have any idea as to why the amp cuts out for like days together?? usually an amp should come back to life once its cooled down.... Like right now its been 3 days and no luck!!
  7. Dont give up on that amp yet. Its a great amp.

    First, turn your gain down to around the 10:00 position. Thats what I have mine at and I have my subwoofer level on my head unit at 0 so this is plenty of gain and make sure you have the bass boost off.

    Second, the fancy lights and amp cover make it harder for the amp to cool. Mine gets so hot you can fry an egg on it. Make sure its got plenty of airspace. If it does and it still cuts out with the gain turned down and bass boost off, go buy a 12V fan from Radio Shack for $20 and install that.
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    Hey Mac, hows it going...I finally got my set up done, still have a ton of fine tuning, but before that I have a problem with my PA1200.1 amp which I was hoping u could help me with. when I play it at high volumes it just cuts out after about half an hour or an hour of listening time!!!!! Its connected to my alpine CDA9987 and powers a Polk SR124DVC subwoofer. The blue lights and everything are still on, so I know its still powered up, but it just doesn't deliver anything to my sub!! It comes back to life a day or two later, and its like nothing happened at all, until it just cuts out again! It doesn't seem to be overly hot so I dont think its overheating, and my gain is set to half since I dont like a very loud low end. I'm totally lost as to whats happening and I'm about ready to rip this amp out and go with another brand - JL audio or ARC audio.... I really dont want to spend on anything new right now unless I have to, so ur help would def. be appreciated :) ...Thanks bro
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    Hey thanks Mac, so I guess I'll go ahead and keep them in the doors. The only thing is that my doors dont have much volume behind them since they have been sealed of in half. Also the stock Mid is probably 3 or 3.5 inches so I have to make some alterations anyways. This is why I though that I could make an enclosure and open it up further through the door panel so I get about .4 cu.ft behind the mid driver. you mentioned that the SR's work best free air, but ive got limited volume in the doors so what do you feel the minimum volume I will require to get these speakers to work flawlessly - from your experience?? The enclosure I'm planning on is mainly to add volume to the existing door panel according to your recommendation and to help direct the speaker toward the center of the front seats. Hey thanks a lot for the help, I appreciate it! As for lobbing, I don't fully understand it, but I believe it occurs when vertical separation between the tweets and the mids is created its stretches the soundstage in that direction...I'm really not sure, but heres the link to the article in CA&E if you want to check it out -

    its pretty interesting but a lot of it goes over my head since i'm not all that well versed!
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    Hey Mac, I had asked u a few questions in regard to the SR6500 positioning in my car, etc. Sorry to bother you, but I jus thought i'd remind you incase u havent had the time yet..I would really appreciate your help, if you could spare a few minutes to help out a 'far less experienced' audiophile!!!:o

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