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    Actually My place is a 4 plex and I rent one of the lower units. Each unit has two floors. But its nice and we like it.
  2. That bedroom move sounds like a good idea. Our house is a 109 years old. It was remodelled in 1978 so the interior is not that old, bought it in 2000. There are lots of rooms but they're all small (11.5 x 12.5 feet with 8.5 foot ceilings. A few years ago we knocked down the wall between two rooms on the first floor...and hence the home theater room 25 x 11.5 or so). Have a Toshiba 46" rear projection HDTV in there with the Polks.

    I really like my JBLs, much better than much of the consumer stuff they're making now. I saw my first pair of JBL studio monitors in an add when I was in college...a mere 250 a pair back then. Way back then. Got mine refurbished by JBL Northridge, Ca. years ago...even back then the MSRP was about 1000 a pair....I paid 400...a fantastic deal for me because they came with the full JBL 5 year warranty. New monitors are upwards of 3000 dollars a pair. A bit more than I can currently handle.
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    Well So far I have RTIA5's for the fronts, a PSW125 sub, Yamaha RX-V861 reciever, and I just ordered the RTI6's. No Center as yet. I have a long way to go but I am just buying when I have the cash. I am going to build rear speaker stands in the near future and then a new entertainment cabinet.
    I had a discussion with my wife this morning and when our daughter goes off to college we are going to take her room downstairs and make it our bedroom, then were taking our bedroom and make it into a home theather room. I'm looking forward to that.

    By the way. Years ago I had a set of JBL-4311's and I loved them
  4. I'm down in Pennsylvania which is where I grew up. It's spring Break for us so I have a week off, visiting my sister...because we lost our Mom in early February. That's OK.

    But I've also purchased a used Adcom GFA-555 on Audiogon for a two channel set up. Coincidentally the seller is in Pa. So I can demo and make the pick up at the same time. I'm probably going to run the Adcom with my JBL 4413 studio monitors--old by vintage--still in good shape...may need some surrounds on the woofers in a year or two. Will use my Denon as a pre-amp until I decide to get an actual Pre/pro for the amp. One of our senior members (Ben) offered to recap the amp if I'm ever down his way. Which is pretty cool. There are some really nice people on this site.

    I see you've gotten some Rtis for surrounds. What's the rest of your set up look like. My HT is an all Polk M-series M70s, CS2, M30s and two Boston Acoustics 300 watt RMS 12" subs run with a higher model Onkyo receiver for now. PS3 blu-ray.
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    how goes it with you?
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    I became interested kind of by accident really. A friend of mine has a set of polks and he lives in Wisconsin. He kept raving about them so I ordered a pair, without even going to a storeto listen to them. This was very unusual for me but I got lucky.
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    I am a welding inspector at an engineering company. We are one of four companies in Canada with the N stamp to built specialized equipment for the nuclear power generation industy.
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    Hows things?
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