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    It is the equal of any dac i have ever heard(and...

    It is the equal of any dac i have ever heard(and ive heard them at all price points from budget to Pacific Microsonics territory...

    We have now reached the point with DACs in which there is...
  2. Emotiva Stealth DC-1. Such a great piece of kit. So great that I canned all my mytek

    It is without a shred of doubt the equal of ANY dac i have ever (not!) heard.

    It is that good folks. price just dropped too(and right after I paid 699 damnit)

    it is utterly superb!
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    the best upgrade anyone can do is treat their room.

    It escapes me...why audiophile types are always saying to throw money at gear...when in truth , treating the room acoustically/correcting problems/mitigating them will have a bigger effect than...
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