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  1. PolkAudio,The Best Speakers I've ever Heard!

    All I'am saying is that since I've owned Polk Audio speakers,
    I have not heard any other speakers that reproduce Sound as
    good as my PolkModel 10B's.And if the resale prices are so
  2. PolkAudio Speaker Prices should be Higher?.

    Given the Fact that these speakers are considered High End
    Audio equipment, shouldn't the prices for these speakers be a
    lot Higher takeing into consideration that they are no longer in...
  3. Replies

    Prices for PolkAudio Model10B Speakers.

    Can some one Give me a Price estimate for the PolkAudio
    Model 10B Speakers.I do realize that they are no longer in
    production,has this fact driven up the Price of a pair of
    PolkAudio model...
  4. Thread: Monitor 10

    by discomixman

    Polk Model 10B Speakers.Speakers ahead of their Time.

    I must say since I have had my Polk Model 10B Speakers the
    sound is just as good as the Day that I bought them.I must
    say that these speakers were way ahead of their time in
    terms of Technical...
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