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  1. Local Chain Retailer has extensive Polk selection

    Here in So CA there is a chain of consumer electronics stores called Fry's Electronics. Fry's has a pretty good selection of products including many PolkAudio speakers, hooked up and available to...
  2. High Shipping and Duties in CN

    Thanks Zsolt, Gee are shipping and duties really that high in CN? That must be to encourage trade to stay within Canada. Here in the US we seem to incentivize Third World Countries to deluge us...
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    Triumph: Good Over Evil!! With a major assist from Reggie

    Wow, a wild encounter indeed! I don't think you need an alarm system with Reggie on duty. That's one of the reasons why we have our wooley four legged friends. Pits are especially protective and...
  4. Online Store - That Was a Good Idea

    Thanks Sansui for looking on Polk's Online Store for those little speaker stands for me. I didn't know Polk had an online store - must go there.
  5. "Imported" Plastic

    Yeowee!! Twenty-five dollars EACH for four ounces of extruded plastic. I would like to stay OEM but right now I'm gonna start looking for that expando foam!

    Thanks for the heads-up Sansui. Now...
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    Plastic Bottom Stands for RM Series

    Does anyone have a couple of those little plastic base pieces that allow the RM Series to stand-up vertically on the floor or a table?

    Maybe some of you put your RMs on a stand or hung 'em on the...
  7. Cabinet Makers are Really Worth a Look

    It's really true that a small independent cabinet maker could probably create a cabinet solution that would work perfectly ...and be affordable too.

    Speaking of something to hold speakers - My...
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