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  1. Anyone hooked up two subs for different freq response?

    I have two psw650's, I am running full range into sub1 RCA input; sub1 crossover set to ~45hz, then have the high-pass output of sub1 going into sub2; sub2 crossover set to ~80Hz...I tried it and it...
  2. Can u run LFE and l/r into one RCA into sub's input?

    This may be a no-brainer, but I have one long RCA running to my sub- can I split that 3 ways to connect the receiver sub and main output to the sub input? Or would I need 3 discrete cables?
  3. I absolutely love my Mitsubishi pj. Make sure it...

    I absolutely love my Mitsubishi pj. Make sure it has plenty of room to circulate air...
  4. Need Help Thanks, I'll see if he will let it go for

    Thanks, I'll see if he will let it go for <1k...
  5. Need Help Rotel RMB-1095, overkill? How much should i pay?

    I recently came across an opportunity to make an offer for a used Rotel RMB-1095 amp. From my research I have found that they sell new for around $2000, so I was thinking of making an offer of 1K....
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    Need Help Bi-amp setup on T90e's, impedance?

    Does the impedance change if I am running a bi-amp setup? The t90e's are rated at 8ohm, but if you bi-amp it would make sense that might reduce to 6 or 4 ohms
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    Need Help Receiver settings

    I have been playing with my settings and can't seem to get the sound I want. I need help on the crossover, speaker size, and biamp settings.

    Two mains: 2x polk T90e, biamp wired
    Sub1: polk...
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