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    I've a yaqin integrated (hybrid) - tube pre and...

    I've a yaqin integrated (hybrid) - tube pre and SS amp. It is the best sounding amp in my house. I have a denon 2809 and a yamaha 3000. So my experience with a hybrid solution has been very good so...
  2. I've owned NAD products before (C162/272/320bee),...

    I've owned NAD products before (C162/272/320bee), and have been impressed with them. I would love to get my hands on the newer integrated amps. I've heard a lot about the denon, and was hoping to...
  3. WTB : A good budget integrated amp (like denon pma-2000ivr)


    I own a pair of mono amps to drive a pair of 4 ohm arrays. I've been using a matrix headphone amp as a pre ... i'm now looking to replace them with a decent integrated. I'm looking for one of...
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