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    Need Help MW7200 for RT600?

    I have a pair of rt600's with one stuck mid/woofer I also have a MW7200 that was pulled from a RT600i. Would this make a suitable replacement for the mid/woofer in the RT600's?

    Thanks for your...
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    Need Help Speaker Stands for 10a's

    I need to build some stands to get my 10a's up off of the hardwood floors. I have been reading the threads on speaker stands for 10a's and I have two questions

    1. How tall should they be?
    2. What...
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    Wanted If your ebay deal doesn't work out I have two...

    If your ebay deal doesn't work out I have two MW6502's pulled from M5jr's. They are fully tested and look great. These are vintage drivers not new replacements. I will send photos if you are...
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    Wanted MW7011 mid/woofer

    Hi! I need one of these for a restoration project! Let me know if you have!
  5. Need Help ben62670 Thanks for the headsup regarding the...

    ben62670 Thanks for the headsup regarding the MW6502's. I thought the MW6502's would be Ok cuz they looked alike and the model number was a similar sequence - duh! I think I need to get a MW6500 to...
  6. Need Help Frankenstein 10a's What needs to be done?

    I have been collecting broken Polks from local thrift shops for about one year. i first acquired a set of 10a's with one bad tweeter and three blown mid/bass drivers. i then acquired a set of 5jr's...
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