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  1. Wanted two Polk Audio RA 6902-1 6x9 subwoofers (from old C-4 enclosure)

    I am looking to purchase two Polk Audio RA6902-1 6x9 subwoofers. These are the 2 ohm 6x9s that were in the C-4 subwoofer enclosure. I don't mind if they need new surrounds, just so long as they are...
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    well, I just opened it up and it seems some...

    well, I just opened it up and it seems some knucklehead changed out two of the 6x9s at some point with some generic brand coaxials with the tweeter removed. :mad:

    Anyone know of a suitable...
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    Polk Audio C-4 subwoofer port dimensions?

    I recently picked up a Polk C-4 subwoofer system but it is missing the port tubes. I was wondering if anyone had the dimensions, inside diameter and length, of the port tubes so I can get this system...
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