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  1. just an update..getting 3tc80is+2tc60is...800$...

    just an update..getting 3tc80is+2tc60is...800$ shipped ebay. any advices on a budget sub to go with this configuration. thanks.
  2. Thanks sbpolk and Dave for your responses. Guess...

    Thanks sbpolk and Dave for your responses. Guess I am going with the tcs...will see how it works out.
  3. 5.1 in-ceiling setup with tc80i/rc80i fronts?

    I have a 12X18 family room that is pre-wired for 5.1 in-ceiling surrounds. I need advice on which of the following in-ceiling options would work best.

    1) All 5 RC80is (Front 3 + Rear 2)
    2) Front...
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