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  1. Sticky: Review Polk Audio Surround Bar

    I purchased the Surround Bar (with free Polk PSW10) from Crutchfield in December. Free shipping & no taxes. Arrived three days later in perfect condition. I've installed the Surround Bar above my new...
  2. Sticky: Review Polk Audio Surround Bar

    I intend to purchase the SurroundBar from Circuit City to take advantage of their Subwoofer rebate offer. While the overwhelming majority of reviews favor the Polk PSW10, one reviewer mentioned the...
  3. Sticky: Review Polk Surround Bar

    Thanks very much for the input re the 'sound bar'. I had a chance to compare the Polk Sound Bar with a similiar product made by Yamaha (YSP-1).

    While the Yamaha sounded alot better, I didn't feel...
  4. Sticky: Review Polk Audio Surround Bar

    I plan to purchase an HDTV soon and will buy a home theatre set-up also. While I already have rear (surround) speakers in place (in the wall), I don't have alot of space for front & center speakers....
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