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    Speaker toast or a fix? (Fell over)

    Long story short (the cats fault), the Monitor50 floorstanding speaker fell over onto the wood floor and the topmost driver is making static on heavy bass. The 2nd one is OK, just the top one.

  2. That was it....for whatever reason, "Logic 7...

    That was it....for whatever reason, "Logic 7 Movie" or "Auto Select" (which defaults to Logic 7 movie) completely elminates and puts all power to the center.

    I guess I have to manually keep it on...
  3. Center speaker turned on = floorstanding speakers volume lowers significantly

    Hey guys,

    I have this weird thing that just happened recently.

    Whenever I have the center CS1 speaker on, my Monitor50's suddenly lose all sound from the tweeter, and the other drivers lose...
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    Need Help Static on all speakers?

    Hey guys,

    Finally have my small 5.1 built as I was waiting for newegg sales to meet my budget. System consists of:
    Harman Kardon AVR1565 amp 5x70w
    2x Floorstanding Monitor 50's for FR+FL
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