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    SOLD Hk avr335

    Thank you

    I think youre right, in your project, open the Target menu, then open the corresponding device submenu and read the information of the Run Script. If you use CrossPack-AVR, you must...
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    Need some advice on an amp

    I have a 15 inch solo baric 1000 watt RMS for sale, along with it comes a 2400 watt Legacy amp to power it, Im asking 400 or best offer, The sub was 550 new and the amp was 250 let me know if youre...
  3. Alice In Chains Black Gives Way To Blue

    Red vs Blue was one of my favourite things to watch a few years ago.
    I might go through every episode ever made and laugh insanely over each one again lol

    Im not too sure if there will be a new...
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