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  1. Not Able to use Home Theater with downloaded Movies?

    When I try to watch a digital movie/TV Show from a thumb drive hooked up to my DVD player, and then to my TV, it always clicks off my home theater sound (HK receiver). It goes into Protect Mode. Any...
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    262 has the csi3 on sale for $129... has the csi3 on sale for $129 shipped.
  3. Is the CSi25 and the CSi3 the same speaker?

    Would it be stupid to upgrade from a CSi25 to a CSi3? When I look at the specks, it looks like they are close to the same speaker. I'd like to upgrade a little on my center channel speaker (to hear...
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    I got a great deal! for $129 per...

    I got a great deal! for $129 per pair. National chain, the stores are Tweeter up north and Sound Advice in the south. They also have the Monitor 60 for $175 each. I haven't found...
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    Is the T20e the same as the Monitor 30?

    I just bought a pair of T20e speakers for a great price. I just want to make sure that they are the same as the Monitor 30s. All of the specs are the same and they look the same.
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