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  1. Sticky: Review thoughts on lossless and surroundbar

    I just got ahold of my surroundbar yesterday and paired it with a Marantz 5002 and a PSW10(for now, PSW1000 is on the way) and wondered if anyone else had had good luck with lossless audio from...
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    Circuit City is still selling them for $350 which...

    Circuit City is still selling them for $350 which is what everyone else retail is selling this sub for. But I am buying one from ebay for $199 plus shipping, brand new in box so look there if you are...
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    PSW-12 vs. Velodyne VX-10

    I have narrowed my sub hunt to these two sub's and I want the polk really bad because I am a brand whore. I have fallen in love with polks a long time ago and am reluctant to buy any other sub...
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    Am I on the right track?

    I am putting together a setup around a 15' by 15' room and would like to know if I am heading in the right direction. With the amount my wife will let me spend this is what I am looking to purchase....
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