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  1. Sticky: Review my speaker config options are as follows:...

    my speaker config options are as follows:
    Subwoofer: y or n
    Front, Center, Surround, etc : Full Band or 40 - 200hz
    LPF of LFE: 80 - 120 hz
    Double Bass: on or off

    If the subwoofer is set to...
  2. Sticky: Review I just got an Onkyo 605 and the speaker setup...

    I just got an Onkyo 605 and the speaker setup doesn't have the option to set to small or large...only set in Hz. Any idea how to equate small to Hz?
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    Surroundbar and Onkyo 605

    I just got this receiver and when I entered the set up menu to tweak the surroundbar settings, there are no 'Large' or 'Small' options. The tweaks are based on Hz. Any ideas on how to...
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    SurroundBar settings with Yamaha HTR 5935

    Hi All,

    Just purchased the SurroundBar and have successfully connected to the Yamaha receiver after some issues with the fronts not playing. However, I am curious on how best to tweak the...
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