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  1. 30s/40s for fronts

    The bookshelves would be ok for HT, but you will not be happy with the 30s or 40s for "parties". Sometimes you just want to get your drink on and crank em up. That was only satisfying once I got my...
  2. Replies

    Monitor 70s with cs1

    I went ahead and got the cs1 to go with my monitor 70s and do not have any issues. I was upgrading my center from an smaller Cambridge Soundworks unit, so it was a big improvement. I got the cs1...
  3. cs1 psw505 BCI-F12

    CS1 at newegg again for 69.99 - 2.99 shipping


    PSW505 at only 199.99 with coupon code - EMCKJJF22 ...
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