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  1. Sticky: FYI Polk Audio IHT Instant Home Theater Demo

    I am trying to get ahold of a pair of Polk audio LSi 15 or LSi 25 speakers. I havent been able to find a retailer in Canada that carries the LSi series. Does anybody know where I can get a pair of...
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    Need Help Im a newbie with home audio

    Im running PC-BSD on a P3 450 with 384 MB of ram and a GF2 MX 400 video card and its not slow at all, and Im doing developer-level stuff. Have you looked to see if its tanking all of your memory?...
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    need help with hooking my Brother up

    thanks but ill stick with the traffic pro. i dont care much for the nav part this is my spare car, but more for the CD playback and SAT capabilities.

    any feedback is greatly appreciated folks
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    Need Help Dsw micropro 4000

    hi i know that i might be late, but i own the DSW pro 600 with a 7.1 RTIA setup, its a very nice sub with an excellent bass my room is 18X24, comapred to the micro 3000 its better to get 2 of the DSW...
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