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    Need Help Hey - I'll have to check the crossover settings...

    Hey - I'll have to check the crossover settings but I think I went with the recommended 100-120 per the Polk Sbar50 manual - CNET says something different. I'll let you know after I check tonight....
  2. Sticky: Review Polk Surroundbar 50 and Onkyo sr706 - DROP YOUR 2 CENTS!

    Hey N1CKOLAS - care to help some of us with Onkyo receivers and the Polk Surroundbar 50? I want to soundstage to be "more pronounced/delineated" and can't get it right - or seems to lack the shine...
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    Need Help Surroundbar 50 and Onkyo SR706

    I've been toying with setting up the Surorundbar 50 and the Onkyo SR706 receiver (Yamaha sub), also. Does anyone have optimal config recommendations and or a good idea, Polk engineers included? I...
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