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    I have written twice to tech support and gotten...

    I have written twice to tech support and gotten no answer. I guess I will try CS next.
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    I wrote the original post before receiving the...

    I wrote the original post before receiving the SW. An eBay purchase for $48 - allegedly with a bad amp, but it works!

    I am liking it. If I play with the volume and low pass I can keep it from...
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    New to me PSW450 - some questions

    Hi All,

    I am new here, and grateful for any advice...

    I got an OK deal on a PSW450 with a bad amp.

    I have been reading about it and it is not that well thought of in the gen pop.
    Any idea...
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    Falconcry, You are being nice to me as I rain...


    You are being nice to me as I rain on the parade.

    Here is the origination of the thread:

    "Do any of you folks who are serious audiophiles listen to Mp3s, or is there too much...
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    Troll alert.

    I read all the prior comments, and I wasn't getting much feeling like choice had a voice. (Did two people actually admit listening to mp3s?) This audiophile business all sounds very judgmental, and...
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    Mp3's? - Absolutely!

    I will listen to mp3s, no problem. I listen primarily to Spotify, a bump up from Rhapsody in content. I have a bunch of mp3s (won't pirate) used in the car mostly, or when Spotify doesn't have it. ...
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    Capacitor questions.

    I just re capped one of my Monitor 5A. I have a couple questions.

    Any idea why the 12uF is physically bigger than the 34uF? I could imagine they asked for some that were longer just to span the...
  8. Nice replies guys. I am heading towards making...

    Nice replies guys. I am heading towards making my own measurements, but I am currently trying to understand some of the theory and tools.

    Maybe you can recommend a good book or two?

    I have...
  9. I want to look up the vintage drivers in Thiele-Small Loudspeaker Database

    I don't see Polk Audio in the Thiele-Small Loudspeaker Database.

    :question: Who manufactured the vintage woofers and radiators in the Monitor X series?
  10. FYI I fixed my two Monitor 5 woofers from the rough shipping/glue failure

    I bought couple Monitor 5A on eBay. Guy tried real hard to pack them well, but UPS must have slammed them hard because the magnets were off both of them. No damage to the boxes, so I knew there was...
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