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  1. Thanks for all the great tips dudes. My last...

    Thanks for all the great tips dudes.

    My last question is, I've noticed that most enclosures are wedge shaped, but some ported enclosures are also square. What is the difference?
  2. 4 subs - ported box...which way should they face?

    I am building a ported box tuned to 39hz for 4 12" subwoofers, in 2 separate chambers. It was recommended to me that all the woofers and ports be on the same plane, and that i'd get more bass if...
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    new idea

    I talked to the tech dudes, and they said that there would be to much port flutter if i just go with 1 port.

    I'm actually thinking of putting 4 of these subs in 1 chamber with 3 ports. I ran the...
  4. Thanks for all the input. Happens to be...

    Thanks for all the input. Happens to be feedback, jus like you said. We are going to put in a Toggle for the the amp remote. His deck has a factory 4 disc changer, so he don't want to replace the...
  5. he doesn't have an alarm, and we left our cells...

    he doesn't have an alarm, and we left our cells in the it seems to get louder from our bodies getting close to it, if we actually stand closer together, it gets more loud. I'm talking...
  6. Help...Weird Loud Bass Noise when deck is "OFF"!

    A friend of mine has a 2001 Neon with a single Bandpass Swiss Audio 10 inch sub (300w max) powered by a Kenwood KAC-5201 (250w max).

    We switched his box with 2 sealed GNX 124 subs and he loved the...
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    Thanks a lot dodge for your input. I've also...

    Thanks a lot dodge for your input. I've also entered those figures in a port length calculator from , for some reason it gave me a total different port...
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    Port Calcultaion Question

    This isn't a polk question, so i apologize for posting this here. I didn't know where else to turn to, and would greatly appreciate your help.

    I am designing a ported custom enclosure for 2...
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    Pics of the final project...and it pounds!

    Here is a pic of the bandpass box for the MM124. My friend is really satisfied with both the sound and looks of the box. With the help of the Polk Audio staff, and Street&Sound Car Audio, we were...
  10. New Products...wish DVC Subs were offered

    I'd like to say that i'm happy with the new look and design of the new products that polk/momo has to offer.

    But what really bother's me is that I wish that Polk had offered DVC subs in the new...
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    Thanks a lot Super...i'll forward the site link...

    Thanks a lot Super...i'll forward the site link to my buddy...and i'll let you know how we made out.
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    MM124 Bandpass Box

    My buddy has a MM124 and wants to put it in a bandpass box. I was just wondering if anyone knew the box specs and dimensions, or if this type of enclosure was discussed in detail in any past...
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    Port Question - 4 GNX124

    I have 4 GNX124 in a 5 cubic foot box. For ****s and giggles, i'm thinking about porting the box. My question is what port diameter and length of port would i use if I put in 2 ports?....thanks
  14. EX3560 + extra tweeters...can this be done?

    I have the ex3560 component system in the front doors of my car. A buddy of mine bought the same system but only wanted the he hooked me up with the tweeters. I was wondering how I...
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    Thanks for the info. I've decided to go sealed...

    Thanks for the info. I've decided to go sealed with 2 subs in 2 separate enclosures. Actually, I first considered getting 2 Momo 12's (my buddy has one and it pounds), but what changed my mind was...
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