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    Need Help Apphd & 20hz.......THANKS

    Appreciate both of your inputs. Every tip adds up! I'll keep working it.
  2. Need Help Mixing component cables with HDMI cables?

    Earlier I submitted a 'post' indicating I had audio, but no video, with connecting my AV receiver to my TV Cable Box, TV, and DVD player.

    In connecting the two components to the receiver, I used...
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    Need Help To TONYB - I think I did

    Tony, you said: "Did you set up the inputs on the receiver ? Each input has to be told what it's doing. Read the manual ?"

    I went into 'SETUP', using the receiver remote, and 'turned ON' the HDMI...
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    Need Help Have sound - but no video!

    Have sound - but NO VIDEO?.Where am I going wrong?

    In connecting my AV Receiver - ONKYO TX-NR509 (see photos) to my Sony Digital TV and my DVD Player?..I seem to have run into a problem. I have...
  5. Need Help Preparing to connect to existing audio system

    I am new to this, but am aware of the basics of wiring. The house we have purchased is 'prewired' with an audio system - total of 11 in ceiling speakers.

    The photo I'm going to attach shows you...
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