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  1. LC265i right, left, center...need help for rears

    Hi, I am having a house built and I already purchased 3 LC 265i's for my center channel and front right / left. This will be a 6.1 surrond system and I am looking for a good recommendation for the 3...
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    Need Rear Speaker Suggestion - 6.1

    Hi, I would really appreciate some help. My home is under construction and almost ready. My set up will be 6.1 surround sound. I have already purchased 3 LC265i's as my fronts and center channel. I...
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    Good ebay seller

    Acoustic sound design is a good, fair ebay seller. You will get very good product and very good pricing... the only drawback is the seriel numbers are scratched off, so you will not have warranty...
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    I'm a rookie and need some help. LC265i

    Hi guys. I am a rookie so please be gentle. Anyway, Is it OK to use a csi5 center channel with a pair of LC265i's..??? Or does it make sense to get another LC265i as the center channel. I have a...
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