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  1. The amp is a boss 4000 watt two channel i believe...

    The amp is a boss 4000 watt two channel i believe the model number is pd-4000 i found a few specs and remember it saying it could handle 1/2 ohm stable im looking to probably just hit around 2ohms...
  2. you gotta forgive me

    iv been doing basic set ups for yrs I.e buy a amp some subs run the wires and listen n drive

    this is the first time iv hooked up more then three subs
    I dont know what ohm they are but I know...
  3. Please help 6 kicker cvrs connecting to a 4000 watt boss amp

    I need a wiring diagram for the connection of 6 single voice coil sub's going into 2 channel amp I know the amp can handle it and also I want to know if there is a way to connect it with out...
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