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  1. Thread: Trade opinions...

    by B.A.

    Trade opinions...

    Dilemma. I currently have a pair of RTA15tl with upgraded 198 tweeters and use a pair of earthquake supernova 10" subwoofers with them. I am running them with a Marantz 2325 receiver. They are next...
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    doing the passive swap...what about the SW101's...

    doing the passive swap...what about the SW101's that were used in the m7/m10's to use in the fronts and use the sw100's to the rear like you did ?
  3. Thread: grill posts

    by B.A.

    grill posts

    wanted: i have a set of rta 11t's and i need some replacement grill attatchment posts. (it's a mystery where the original's went)! any help is appreciated.
  4. trying to stay under $1,000. but...sometimes...

    trying to stay under $1,000. but...sometimes easier said then done.
  5. thanks for the recomendation. and the...

    thanks for the recomendation.

    and the subject. an original '65 AC? a friend of mine's brother returned from vietnam in '67 and bought one. my friend and i sat in the passenger seat (we...
  6. need help deciding on a subwoofer to compiment...

    I'm trying to decide on a sub to add to my polks. i have a pair of RTA 15TL and RTA 11T's and am running them with a sansui G9000 reciever. I have been researching before i venture out and listen and...
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