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  1. Thanks guys! :)

    Thanks guys! :)
  2. does it matter which posts I use for banana plugs on TSi 400s?

    There's two sets... an upper and a lower. It looks like they're connected anyway, but does it matter which ones I plug my banana plugs into as long as they're both in the top or both in the bottom?
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    Wanted WTB pair of black FXiA4 surrounds

    I would like these to be almost perfect... as this is the last set of speakers I need to finish out my system, and every single other piece of my 7.2 system has been bought brand-new.

    Will be...
  4. Thanks guys... really appreciate you both taking...

    Thanks guys... really appreciate you both taking the time to respond. I'll be picking up an pair of FXis soon.
  5. Finally had a guy from Polk tech support call me...

    Finally had a guy from Polk tech support call me back and he advised to go with another pair of TSi200s...

    When I expressed concerns over using a monopole as a side surround, he suggested "aiming...
  6. Anyone? :)

    Anyone? :)
  7. using FXiA4 as surrounds with TSi fronts?

    I'm running a CS20 center channel along with two TSi400s as my left and right mains... I've also got a pair of TSi200s as my rears (7.2 system... also have two PSW125s).

    Originally, I was planning...
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    What would you suggest for the side surrounds,...

    What would you suggest for the side surrounds, given that I've only got one pair of TSi200s bought presently and could easily move them to the rear ...
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    thoughts on speaker setup/rears?

    I'm in the finishing stages of putting my home theater system together...

    I'll be running an Onkyo TX-NR708 receiver with an Oppo BDP-93 blu ray player, and my center channel is a TSi CSS20, front...
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