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  1. Rotel RB-1080 VS NAD Silverline Series S200 for powering Rti a7's


    Wanted to know your opinion as to which amp is better suited for powering my Rti A7's.

    Rotel RB-1080 or NAD Silverline Series S200

    I am trying to buy them used.

  2. Polk Audio RTI A7-Black - $350 Each New @ Newegg

    Newegg is selling the Rti A7's for 350 each. If you were looking for the refurbished one on E-Bay for a bargain, this is the chance to grab a new pair for a steal.

    I have them and they are awesome...
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    Thanks for the warm welcome and your advice. So...

    Thanks for the warm welcome and your advice. So it looks like I should first start looking for a decent receiver with pre-outs. And then get amps when budget allows.

    Let me also explain my current...
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    Rti A7's under powered by my receiver?

    Hello Everyone,

    I used to own a pair of T90e and I recently bought a pair of Rti A7's . I am running them trough a Onkyo SR576 reveiver that can pump 80W per channel.

    While I have my speakers...
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