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  1. Well thank you for your replies both good and...

    Well thank you for your replies both good and bad. I'm afraid that this isn't the type of community that I want to be a part of. You ostracize new members by placing a post count requirement to...
  2. 100 post count to view items in the For Sale Classifieds?

    Can someone please explain to me why I need a post count of 100 to view items in the For Sale classified section?
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    Love my Monitor 12's

    I've had several pairs of speakers from different manufacturers and I can honestly say I've not enjoyed any of them near as much as I enjoy my $50 garage sale Monitor 12's. I have them paired to my...
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    Found em in Washington, Il.

    Found em in Washington, Il.
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    Need Help Monitor 12 tweeter question

    Hello all. I recently picked up a pair of monitor 12 speakers and I've been listening to them paired to my Pioneer SX-D7000. I've noticed that sometimes I get a scratchiness that I think is coming...
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    Hello from Central Illinois

    Hello. I just picked up my first set of polk audio speakers today at a garage sale. They are M12 speakers and I paid $50.00 for the pair. Cosmetically they have a few issues but all the drivers...
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