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  1. Review 30 Views not a single reply:surprised:

    30 Views not a single reply:surprised:
  2. Review Mordaunt short aviano 6 vs Polk audio TSI 500

    Guys please share your views on these two very popular entry level speakers

    Mordaunt short aviano 6 (42K)


    Polk audio TSI 500 (34K)
  3. What are you TSI 500 owners using to drive your speakers?

    With 4 Mid woofer it should be power hungry!!
    Huge power range spec on these TSI500. What are you all using to drive your TSI500?
  4. Need Help Thanks Zingo!! But some people have told me...

    Thanks Zingo!!

    But some people have told me I will loss some...with this DAC to amp process...:rolleyes:

    I am rebuilding my system into a computer-based system. Can I run that directly to an...
  5. Need Help Friends please suggest!!

    Friends please suggest!!
  6. Replies

    Review 2013!! Pvsat RIP

    2013!! Pvsat RIP
  7. Need Help How to connect integrated amplifier with Laptop ensuring no loss?

    Dear Friends

    I would like to connect my Laptop to a integrated amp,will use loss less files 16/44 24/96 etc.

    How can I ensure there is no loss in quality.

    More info about Lenovo Z580
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