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    Default Center Chanel Angle

    This may be a dumb question but here goes. What is the correct position of the center chanel speaker, or is there one. I have mine on top of the tv angled slightly down to the seating area. Is it better to place the center speaker on a low stand in front the the tv? We did a install this past week & the customers tv stand had enough room for the center to be placed below the tv. After adjusting the speaker levels I put in a dvd to test the system. The dialoug was strong & clear & sounded very clean. My center dosnt sound that good, at least I dont thnk so. Oh the speakers are both( mine & customers) LSiC. Customers reciver was a dennon 3802. I still cant understand why it sounded better. May be room acoustics? But if ther center is facing you would it matter? the customers center was lower than ear level beacuse it sat flat on the stand. I guess this means its time to start tweeking again. Anyone out ther have any advice?

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    I would think when the center is facing directly at your face Then it would have a direct sound straight at Not 100% sure honestly. /////

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    I have the Sony 34XBR800 with the Sony stand, and I too have my center (Polk CSi40) under the TV angled slightly up. It sounds OK to me. The purpose of the center channel is just to anchor the dialog to the screen. I think as long as the center is above or below the TV, it is OK.

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    Don is correct. As long as the sound feels as though its coming from the TV, and not the extreme left or right, its probably set right.

    Mine is mounted above the TV(53"), above my head when seated, and it sounds just great. I have no downtilt. It is 50" from the floor.

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