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Thread: Nad 2600a?

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    Default Nad 2600a?


    somebody is selling to me two nad 2600a amps. I own rtia7 and was wondering if these are good to move them. I beleive that they can generate 250 wpc when bridged.

    Any opinions out there.

    Two of them plus a 1600 pre for $525, good deal?



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    Those can be great amps, with huge headroom. They should work well with the RTi A7, which are not an especially difficult load (8 ohms, whereas the NAD is stable at 2 ohms; and 89dB efficient, whereas I use my NAD receiver - not a power amplifier - to drive speakers that are only 83dB efficient).

    The price seems average to me, although knowing the previous owner and history certainly does help when buying older equipment. I would guess those amplifiers are worth about $200 each as a fair price, but they probably sell for under $150 sometimes, depending on how patient the seller is and what their condition is. Considering that you are not paying shipping, that adds up reasonably well. That would leave $125 for the pre, which is probably fair enough IMO.

    There's no information on the NAD website about those specific model, but there is some information here on the 2600:

    Other models from that generation (almost 20 years old) do have their own pdf documents from the website, but that doesn't really help a whole lot.

    The power cord is captive, so you cannot replace it easily. Check the binding posts for cracked plastic (in which case, you cannot use spades or bare wire effectively) and check the front knobs for loose fitting. There will not be a 12v trigger either, so you will have to turn them on and off manually.

    You could easily get some of the slightly newer units for the same price IMO (such as the 214 or 216 amplifiers). They may not be at their best, after so many years, but since you imply that you know the buyer, perhaps you can use them to listen to your favorite tracks before buying?

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    I cannot recall exactly the bridged power on those, but its more than 250, 2600A and the 2700 are the same, these are very good amplifiers, far better than alot of the usual stuff you see on this board, much smoother than Adcom leagues ahead of Emotiva and so on, I used a set to power SDA for a while, they never missed a beat, for that price I would grab them, that pre-amp is no slouch, it has nice features and an excellent phono section.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reeltrouble1 View Post
    I cannot recall exactly the bridged power on those, but its more than 250, 2600A and the 2700 are the same, ...
    Ah! In that case:

    Bridged power is 400w, with 5dB of headroom (which sounds pretty much tremendous to me). I have yet to hear any NAD equipment, amplifier or receiver, clip. In fact, I don't even bother engaging the soft clipping switch any more.

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    Dude! I just saw that listing (zip code 91935, right?) and if so, those look like they are perfect shape, and he has the manuals as well as the remote for the pre. If you actually know the guy, as you suggested, I'd think that you're unlikely to find something this old in that condition easily. Check the units over, and ask the appropriate questions, but this looks like a pretty solid deal to me for $500.

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