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    Default rta 11t or RT1000p

    i can get some rt1000p would this be and upgrade over my rta11t's??

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    Have you upgraded your 11t's?

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    Spend the money upgrading what you have... over the RT1000P's IMO
    No Way But The Hard Way, So Get Used To It!!!

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    Had them both.

    For 2-channel stereo, stick with the Rta 11t's. They blow away the Rt1000p's, in soundstage, imaging and overall sound.

    The Rt1000p's do rock-out really well, but can be boomy if you turn the subs up past 3,
    at least in my room that was the case. They image like a boom box, great sound but no separation between left and right channels. (reminded me of my Athena AS-F2's, which rocked really well).

    For HT, i think the rt1000p's would be a good choice as they obtain insane volume levels.
    In fact I only had them for about a week, sold them for a profit, then proceeded to buy a pair of RTi800's, so go figure.

    Glad I could confuse you on this. lol.

    Ps I did the tweeter upgrade on my 11t's, and hated it. Went back to stock.

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